Used Work Trucks For Sale: The benefits of buying pre-owned

Whether you are starting a business or you need to add trucks to expand your current fleet or business, buying used can be a wise business decision. There are many things to consider before buying a used truck, such as the purpose of the truck and the number of miles it will need to be driven. But one thing is certain: Hammer Trucks is simply the best place to find the right truck for the right price due to our vast inventory of used work trucks for sale at affordable prices.

What you can expect when buying used work trucks:

  • Lower prices. Used trucks are priced lower than new trucks for obvious reasons. New trucks depreciate in value very quickly, especially in the first year of ownership. Putting miles on a truck lowers its value immediately. Therefore, a used truck with a reasonable number of miles on it can save you a lot of money. Trucks are meant to travel long distances, so higher mileage is not as detrimental to the overall quality of the vehicle as you might think. You can find a relatively new used truck that will be much less expensive than a brand new truck that is, in truth, just a year or two newer.
  • Fully reconditioned trucks. When you buy a used work truck from a reputable dealer, you can rest assured that you will be buying quality. Hammer Trucks completely reconditions all of the trucks we sell before we put them out on the lot. Our experienced mechanics give each truck a thorough inspection, complete any and all necessary repairs and replace the parts that need replacing. Any truck you purchase from us will be in good condition.
  • Plenty of options. You may think that buying a new truck is the only way to get special features and “all the bells and whistles.” However, you can find used trucks with deluxe features and add-ons that would cost you significantly more on a new truck. With a used truck, the extras are already included in the low price, vs. a new truck where anything extra will cost you extra on top of the starting price.

The purpose of the truck should impact your decision

When you decide to purchase a used work truck, consider how the truck will be used . If the truck will be driven long distances, you may want to choose a used truck with lower mileage. If the truck will mainly be driven around town in a smaller radius, an older truck with more miles may be a better choice and save you a lot of money.

Hammer Trucks has quality, affordable used work trucks for sale

At Hammer Trucks we specialize in the reconditioning and sale of used work trucks. Our expert sales associates have years of experience in the trucking industry and can help you find the right truck for your needs. We are a trustworthy, reputable truck dealership. You can be sure that each truck on our lot is a quality vehicle that has passed a 103-point checklist performed by our experienced mechanics. Browse our online inventory, call 704-630-4994 or visit us at 310 Truck Avenue in Salisbury, NC.

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