Used Semi Trucks for sale

Used Semi Truck

Buying any kind of semi truck is a major investment, and many owner-operators like the allure of driving a vehicle that’s just rolled off the lot.Veteran drivers can tell you that used semi trucks are often the better way to go.

They cost less

It may be an obvious reason, but it’s still a valid one. If you’re just starting up as an owner-operator or your company wants to increase its fleet, you’ll save a substantial amount of money by buying a pre-owned truck. In many cases, you can find one that’s only a year old but costs substantially less than a brand new version of the same make and model. One year reduces your cost dramatically while the vehicle itself may not be much different from the latest model year. You’ll also have lower monthly payments, which translates to better cash flow and less overhead. This extra breathing room can be critical if you hit a few slow months.

You can afford to upgrade

If the choice is between newer vehicles from a lesser known, lesser quality manufacturer and older models by a respected truck manufacturer, it’s probably best to go with used semi trucks from a reliable manufacturer. These days, vehicles are designed to last for well over 500,000 miles, so you can afford to upgrade to a better make and model without having to worry about replacing it in just a few years.

You can eliminate unnecessary extras

You’ll notice that when you look at brand new semi’s, the salesperson will tell you all about the extra features without telling you what they actually cost you. Rather than shelling out extra money to pay for bells and whistles you really don’t want, look for a slightly used vehicle that has what you need rather than pricey extras you don’t.

Used semi trucks have less depreciation

Buy a one-year old vehicle and you’ll be getting more value for your dollar. Why? Because when you purchase brand new vehicles, they will depreciate by as much as 20% the minute you drive them off the dealer’s lot and as much as 40% within the first twelve months. Used models, on the other hand, keep more of their value as time goes on. If you decide you have to sell them quickly for some reason, you won’t take quite such a financial loss when you put them up for sale.

Lower operating costs

The price you pay for new or used semi trucks isn’t the only consideration for fleet owners or owner-operators. You’ll have to properly insure your vehicles, and new ones cost more to insure than used ones. The difference in annual premiums can have a definite impact on your overall operating costs, giving you a bit more wiggle room when you’re figuring out your monthly budget.

Registration and sales tax

Although these fees vary widely from state to state, there are many states where the cost of registering new vs. used trucks is significant. The same goes for sales tax – some states levy a sales tax of several hundred dollars on new vehicles but don’t tax used models at all. It’s worth your time to investigate the costs of state sales taxes, registration and ownership fees for both new and used semi trucks.

There are always pros and cons to any investment in your company or your own career as an owner-operator. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next vehicle purchase, the advantages of used semi trucks will quickly become obvious. Visit Hammer Truck Sales for a wide selection of used trucks.

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