Used Dump Trucks: What to Check Closely Before Buying

When buying any vehicle, you will naturally want to check – or have a professional check – the engine and tires. And when looking at used work trucks for sale, you will also want to inspect the cab to make sure everything is in order. But when buying a used dump truck, there are a few more areas that you need to look at long and hard. Red flags in any of these areas is a sign to be cautious and, depending on what you find, maybe even move on to other alternatives.

Frame Rails on Used Dump Trucks

Unlike many used work trucks for sale, it is sometimes easy to tell just by looking whether these have been subjected to improper maintenance and operation. If the box has been overloaded too many times, you will likely notice that the rails are sagging somewhat. However, upwards bowing is just as bad, and usually a result of the vehicle being driven with an upright loaded box. You also want to check for signs of excessive wear, such as corrosion.

Be Sure to Check the Lift Axles

As with most used work trucks for sale, axles are of supreme importance. But with used dump trucks you want to concentrate on the additional lift axles, which allows weight to be spread over multiple axles. Push axles are the lift axles located in front of the driving tandem while tag axles are behind. Also, while turns are more easily navigated with a short wheelbase, steerable lift axles can help with this as well.

The Dump Box is Just as Important as the Body

You will always want to inspect the body of any vehicle you intend to purchase, and it is most important to make sure that they don’t have any signs of damage that may indicate the need for major repairs, such as cracks or rust. In the case of used dump trucks, you will also want to look for those signs on the dump box and box liner.

Additionally, you will want to consider whether you need a steel or aluminum box. Aluminum is lighter, which will probably be less expensive up front and mean lower fuel costs long term. However, if the loads you plan to haul will be heavy, you should almost certainly opt for steel.

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