Top Truck Driver Blogs – 2022

Driving a truck as an owner-operator is an interesting career that isn’t quite like anything else. As such, it can be helpful – and even therapeutic – to keep up with what other drivers are doing on the road and with their business. Whether to pick up ideas to improve your own operation, or just to read some content that is highly relatable, consider checking out some of the truck driver blogs listed below.

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Trucking Truth

This is a valuable resource for anyone in the industry, but it’s particularly useful for those just getting started in trucking. There are plenty of informative articles available on the site, including content on how to get a CDL, where to find a driving school, and more. Also, the Trucker’s Forum is a powerful resource when you want to ask questions of experienced drivers or just read discussions between those in the industry. If you are going to spend some passive time on the web learning about trucking, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this site and forum.

Trucker Dump

Another popular website, one of the highlights here is the podcast that covers trucking news and has interesting discussions on topics important to drivers and owners. If you like listening to podcasts to help pass the time out on the road, make sure to keep this one close at hand on your mobile device.

Smart Trucking

As the name suggests, the purpose of this website is to help truck drivers build a better career. This can be a tough industry, and good advice isn’t always easy to find, so having resources like this site can be a big boost. The two individuals who run the site have decades of real-world experience, and that background comes through in the information they offer.

Platinum Drivers

In this case, the blog content doesn’t come directly from a truck driver out there on the road, but rather a driving school. Platinum Drivers keeps their blog updated regularly with informative, interesting content, and there is a long backlog of useful posts to explore when you have some time. Save this site on your computer or phone and return from time to time to see what other ideas have been added.


One of the leading blogs in the industry, you don’t want to miss the content on Overdrive. The content you’ll find on this site is a mix of industry news, tips, ideas, contests, and more. This site is one of the best ways to stay current on what is going on in trucking, what might be coming up, and what you need to know to optimize your business. Overall, whether used for learning about trucking or just for industry-related entertainment, you’ll love Overdrive.

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