Finding Used Work Trucks For Sale Can Save Money

Things You Need to Consider When Looking for Used Work Trucks for Sale

Truck Value

Quite often the top concern is money. The price difference between new commercial trucks for sale versus used work trucks for sale is significant. A used commercial truck can often provide the same reliability and performance of newer models without the additional premium costs that new commercial trucks demand. However, buying from a reputable commercial truck dealer, versus from a private owner, offers you peace of mind that the truck has been checked for any mechanical defects and is operating as it should. At Hammer Trucks Sales, all of our used work trucks for sale have been reconditioned at our onsite truck service center, by certified mechanics, to give you that piece of mind. We thoroughly inspect and return the used work truck to like-new condition before we ever put it on the lot. Plus, most of our trucks come directly from companies that we know performed maintenance as required by the manufacturer.

Purpose of the Work Truck

Quite often business owners forget to analyze what they actually need the truck to do on a consistent basis. The results of not analyzing what the truck needs to do means that you either buy a machine too big for the job or too small for the job. Buying too big means you pay more for fuel and maintenance, while buying too small means you will not have the horsepower to get the job done. By planning ahead, analyzing your expectations for the truck on a daily, weekly and monthly period, you can identify the right size of truck for the jobs that you need performed. A good analysis technique would be to review your records for the last few years and identify the needs based on these reports.


Commercial trucks are designed to give higher mileage than retail vehicles. However, when looking to purchase commercial trucks for sale, knowing how many miles the truck is anticipated to go on an annual basis is important. While short distance driving can be handled by a used work truck with higher mileage, for long distance hauling, you may be better to consider a lower mileage work truck. The lower the mileage the more money you can expect to spend. However, even a low mileage commercial truck will offer significant savings over brand new commercial trucks for sale. t Hammer Trucks Sales, we recognize that business need trucks for different reasons. Our fleet of used work trucks for sale, offer both low and higher mileage trucks so you can find exactly what you need at the price you can afford.

Hammer Trucks Sales, located in Salisbury, NC, offers only quality used work trucks for sale. We have over 10 acres of commercial trucks for sale plus a four-bay full service facility. If you are looking for a quality used work truck then call us at (800) 665-6532.

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