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Truck Finance – Various Tips on How to Acquire

By Matilda A Couet

In most commercial and industrial businesses, the use of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles is not exactly unheard of. Aside from such applications, there are even businesses that focus on heavy-duty vehicles themselves such as trucking. If you are someone who wishes to engage in such an industry, you will of course need to deal with startup costs that will enable you to acquire a single or even a fleet of trucks. However of course, a truck is something that you just can’t purchase on a whim. But nobody said that you should purchase this type of vehicle out of your own bank account. With the presence of financial institutions all over the place, you should be able to have the financial muscle to acquire this commercial vehicle. You will find that there are numerous commercial lenders that are actually borrower-friendly. This is mainly because commercial trucks are valuable collaterals so the risk is rather low for the lender. Continue reading so you’ll understand how to acquire truck finance.

When buying a commercial truck, it is important that you know which one you want to buy. This means that you should go right into the details such as the model, condition, and year. By doing this, you are basically starting your finance application on the right foot. If you are going to buy brand new ones, you should consider talking to the dealership regarding in-house financing. But of course, you shouldn’t discount the prospect of buying them used. For a new fully decked out 18-wheeler, you are looking to pay from $30,000 to $250,000. But due to the unfavourable state of the economy and rising fuel prices, it is possible to buy used units for a very good price. The money that you will be able to save can be used for larger down payment or the upgrades of the vehicles itself.

In order to qualify for financing, you have to show to the lenders that you have a good, definite business plan. Explain to them how you will handle your sales strategy and also your marketing methods. Show your resume which explains that you really know what you are doing. If you can show that you are confident that you can make money using the vehicle, the lender will be more comfortable to provide you with the financing you need. In case that you somehow feel that financing is not your best option, maybe you can consider truck leasing.

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