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We ran across this article the other day and thought it was pretty funny – so we are passing it along to anyone who passes by.

Country Music Ringtones: They Should Be More Popular
By John Oszajca

I’ve been around town lately and I have noticed that country music ringtones aren’t as abundant as they used to be. Who doesn’t remember when Redneck Woman was rocking every phone? My town is very pro-country! We have at least three country radio stations but all I heard coming out of my friends’ phones was rap and pop ringtones. I decided to see if this was a trend or just something strange that I had noticed. Do country music fans need to step it up? Ha.

I checked out the Billboard charts and sure enough, for the week of March 12, and guess what I found? Out of the top ten only two of the most popular ringtones were country music ringtones! Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square and Don’t You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson were the only ones that made the top ten. The rest of the list was filled with pop, rap, and R and B artists like Cee Lo Green, Bruno Mars, and Pink.

I searched through some ringtone charts from the past on the Billboard site and thought that I may find a different percentage but I did not. On any given week, I usually found only one or two country ringtones on the lists. And on some of these weeks the only country artist appearing was Taylor Swift, and some would argue that Miss Swift isn’t even country but instead, just another pop star.

I began to wonder. What could explain this? (I love country music!) I was so used to hearing country ringtones and was almost offended when I seemed to stop hearing them. (Not really, but you know…) The first conclusion that I came to is this: Country music fans are loyal. Perhaps they buy a ringtone and keep it on their phone for longer than fans of other genres. I think that is the case. People who buy other types of music ringtones are probably more fickle and change them up more often. That doesn’t explain why I seem to hear less country ringtones now (hopefully people who like all genres of music have country ringtones and are just cycling through their other ones).

This study was by no means scientific and obviously done just for fun but I’d like to suggest that country fans support our artists and buy country music ringtones and rock them on your cells!

Author John Oszajca is a musician himself and has released albums on Interscope, Warner Brothers and Dreamy Draw Music. He has received praise from Rolling Stone, The Los Angeles Times, Howard Stern and Elton John (in Interview Magazine), just to name a few…

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