Colani 18-Wheelers

Luigi Colani, (born Lutz Colani 2 August 1928), is German industrial designer
His innovative designing began in the the 1950s when he designed cars for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen, and BMW. In the 1960s, he designed furniture, and in the next decade, he expanded in numerous areas, including household items such as ballpoint pens and television sets to uniforms and 18-wheelers and entire kitchens. An unusual grand piano created by Colani is manufactured and sold by the Schimmel piano company.

His unconventional designs have made him famous, not only in design circles, but also to the general public. He has received numerous design awards, although his innovative approach has left him largely outsider the mainstream of industrial design.

Supposedly his 18-wheelers use 50% of the fuel of a conventional truck. The most recent designs have no Steering wheel, but are controlled by a joystick.

Photo of 18-Wheeler by Colani

Very streamlined 18-Wheeler by Colani